Sunday, 16 September 2012

I won :)

Sorry it has taken me a little while to post on my blog, new job and commuting into central London on a daily basis is really tiring so I haven't had as much time as I would like. I am loving my new job though so can't complain. Hopefully this really will be the start of me regularly blogging again (I know I keep saying this but going to try and stick to it this time)

So I actually won some prizes at my local craft show :) I won a first for a bookmark that I made and then a second for a greeting card and another second for a 'something new from something old'. I was really pleased the standard of entries for many of the classes was really high so it was nice to know that some of my craft has reached that standard.

I hopefully will be able to post some pictures of the things I made for the show in the next few days (I just need to find them) for now
you will have to do with a photo of my first place rosette :)

First place rosette in pride of place on notice board :) 
Can't wait to get started on next years entires.

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