Tuesday, 13 December 2011

First foray into card making

As I said in my about me section I am new to this whole craft thing. I decided to get started by trying to make my own Christmas cards. It is something I have always considered doing because I think people can really appreciate the effort that goes into making a card rather then buying one.

I decided to make my first card by cross stitching one of the small christmas kits that are available from Hobby craft for about £1.50. The cross stitching was fairly simple, I did a GCSE in textiles and it all seemed to come back to me. The cross stitching took me about a week on and off between work and was an excellent diversion on the train to work, although I think my fellow passengers thought I was a bit odd - but oh well.

Once I had finished the cross stitching I wasn't really sure about how to make it into a card so decided to go with something simple and cut an aperture out of some colored card, glued the cross stitch in and added a sticker sentiment to the front. It looked a bit plain after this so I decided to add a pipe cleaner round the edge of the aperture. Not entirely happy with the design think it looks a bit too handmade but for a first attempt I suppose it's not bad.

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