Monday, 5 March 2012

Decopatch Teapot

As I have mentioned in previous posts I am a craft magazine addict and a few weeks ago I purchased the womans weekly craft special.

One of the projects which I loved was a teapot made into a planter, in the magazine they had covered the teapot in strips of fabric. I decided to adapt this a little to make a gift for my Gran for Mothers Day.

I used 'Decopatch' papers to cover my tea pot and a cheap tea pot from wilko. I picked out three different papers that I thought went together, be warned decopatch papers seem to be super pricey I paid 3.79 per pack and each pack contains three sheets. The paper actually does go really far I havent finished one sheet of any of the three patterns on this project.

I cut up the papers into little squares, covered sections of the teapot in decopatch glue (I think PVA would work just as well) and put the squares on I then added another layer of the glue. I did this all over the teapot making sure to get into all the nooks and crannys.

I then left it to dry before adding to layers of glossy varnish to give the project a shine. I plan to put compost in the teapot and then plant a small pansy in it. As Mothers Day is a few weeks away I haven't planted it up yet so when I do I will pop and post and photo up of the finished article.

P.S again apologies for the quality of the piccys cant wait to have my camera back


  1. What a lovely idea, I think your Gran will really love this, Luv Karen xx

  2. Fabulous teapot! my daughter and i had a play with decopatch at Christmas, I bought my first lot of papers from hobbycraft but then bought them from the decopatch website
    As you can buy the paper in single sheets, i found because it does go so far i had lots of things with all the same colour/papers - I haven't tried anything other then the decopatch shapes & boxes but have thought i would try a few things to give as gifts this Christmas. (I might do a teapot now! Thank you :-) ) I bet Gran will love your gift. Hope you have had a lovely weekend Lou x

  3. Oh how sweet is this teapot! Wonderful gift for your Gran!

    xoxo Karen

  4. Cute , well done Becky love the colour Hugs Elaine