Sunday, 4 March 2012

Doodle Stitching Practice Project

So as I mentioned in my previous post I have been practicing my hand embroidery skills by sewing some of the doodle stitching designs on to a pillow case.

I have managed to use a number of stitches so far, see if you can spot them in the pictures.

  • Running Stitch 
  • Straight Stitch 
  • Cross Stitch
  • Back Stitch 
  • Split Stitch
  • Long and Short Stitch 
I have stitched a space scene and a under the sea scene. I think I am most happy with the little mermaid as I think the use of the split stitch here is really effective.

I found the stars on the space design almost impossible to sew, so they look pretty rubbish. I am going to try and watch some online videos to see how other people sew hand embroidered stars on before I attempt them again.

As you can see I have only covered a small section of the pillow so plenty more space to practice on. I will post again when I have filled some more of the pillow up.

P.S sorry about the quality of the photos they were taken on my phone, hopefully should have the camera back soon.


  1. Oh this is fabulous Becky, that will be a very special pillowcase if you continue and fill it up with little scenes. I have never tried embroidery but that book looks great and what a great idea having the CD to enlarge/change the size. Love the octopus. Great to see what you have been crafting. Hugs Lou xxx

  2. This is great Becky! I just love how you keep finding new things to try and you just dive right in! And get such great results too!
    Keep it up!
    xoxo Karen