Thursday, 15 March 2012

Finished Teapot

I planted up my Decopatch teapot that I made earlier this month today. I picked a pretty pink flower, I'm afraid Im not very green fingered so I have no idea what type of plant it is but I thought the colour went well with the design of the teapot.

Really hope it survives the drive to devon in one piece and my nan likes it :)

I think the teapot looks fab and cant wait to get started with another Decopatch project.


  1. Yes that does look fab and the flower just finishes it off nicely. Hugs Mrs A.

  2. Becky, that looks so beautiful! Your nan will be so pleased! A lovely gift from the heart!
    xoxo Karen

  3. Beautiful gift for your Nan, I think it's a Primula, perfect colour. Couldn't recall if I'd popped in from WOYWW (but I had), but this is too sweet not to comment on!


  4. Wow this is so pretty. I love the tea pot!