Sunday, 8 January 2012

Craft New Years Resolutions

Seeing as it is the time for New Years resolutions I have decided to compile a list of crafts I want to try and projects I want to complete over the next 12 months.
I’m sure as the year progresses this list will change and involve but have decided it will be a good starting point for deciding what projects to work on.

  •            Quilting – I think home made quilts look beautiful and have been reading about quilting techniques in a craft book I purchased recently (review to follow in another post) It looks like its one of those crafts that can be made as easy or as difficult as you want so I think I’m going to attempt to make a basic quilt to use as a throw on my sofa.
  • ·      Glass Painting- In the December issue of ‘Simply Homemade’ I saw a project which involved decorating tumblers and simple glass plates or dishes with various designs. I think it would be fun to do this and think it would make good gifts I know a lot of my friends would love a hand-painted glass item.
  • ·      Copic Markers- As I have said before I have a fairly sizeable collection of pro markers which I love using they really give a great effect if you spend the time on the images perfecting them. I am intrigued however to try Copic markers and see which I prefer, in a number of the online articles I have read about them it has stated that they are interchangeable with the pro markers and can be used together so I think I may buy a few and do a Copic vs Promarker article.
  • ·      Freehand machine embroidery – I purchased a few hand embroidery foot for my sewing machine but unfortunately when attached it doesn’t fit an embroidery hoop underneath. I am going to purchase another foot that will allow a hoop underneath and give it a go. In an ideal world I would like to buy a new sewing machine as the one I have is fairly old I think it may be five or six years old now, it does however still work pretty much perfectly but doesn’t have all the settings or attachments I would like. It’s a Toyota sewing machine but I think I would prefer a Janome or Singer. I think before jumping into a new purchase I will try and complete some more projects on my current sewing machine and decide if it really needs replacing.
  • ·      Crochet- I have seen a number of projects in my knitting and crochet magazine that I would like to have a go at. I have been told that crochet is a little harder to master then knitting so not sure how easy I will find it as knitting was a little bit tricky. Going to start with a few granny squares and hopefully will get enough together to make a blanket.
  • ·      Mosaic- On one of the episodes of Kirsty’s handmade Britain she completed a Mosaic mirror it was beautiful and looked like a very enjoyable craft. I am going to first try one of the small kits that Hobbycraft sell for about £3 as I think this is a cheap way of seeing whether I like the process of making a mosaic. If I do I will invest in a few of the basic materials needed to get started on a larger project.
  • ·      Card making – Although this is not a new craft I would like to try it is something that I would like to further experiment with. There are so many different techniques out there that I think look really great on cards for all occasions so I am going to try and give as many a go as possible. I also am determined to make sure that I start to do cards further in advance so I have more time to make sure each one is perfect before it has to be given out. I plan to start on Easter cards in the next week or so.

I’m sure I could think of a lot more crafts and techniques I want to try but this post is already fairy lengthy. I have decided that at the end of each month I wil do a sort of catch up post which will evaluate how I am getting on with trying these different crafts so hopefully come the end of January I will be able to cross a few of the above of the list. 

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  1. If you ever give me a hand-painted glass item as any sort of gift I will smash it in your face.