Sunday, 8 January 2012

Knitting Part Two

Apologies for the delay in posting, I have been away for xmas and new year without access to the web. Whilst I was away my Nan took the time to attempt to teach me to knit and I seem to have cracked the basics.

I understand how to do the knit stitch fairly well and even managed to give the purl stitch a go. In order to learn I just cast on 20 or so stitches and knitted rows, to start with I used the plastic needles that came with my knitting magazine but after speaking with my Nan she said it would be better to start with some thicker needles. Once I changed to the thicker metal needles I found it considerably easier and seemed to get into a rhythm with the knitting.

Although I found the knitting enjoyable it didn’t seem to be that creative as I was purely knitting the same stitch in the same colour over and over again. I’m sure once I am able to master the many other stitches and learn to decrease, increase and follow patters it will be a more entertaining past time.
It is something I am going to continue to experiment with and try to get better at. I have purchased some chunky grey wool and plan to knit a scarf with it in my spare time when I am looking to have a chill out evening. That seems to be the great thing with knitting it doesn’t take too much concentration and can be done sat in front of a good drama on the television. So hopefully in a month or so I will have a completed scarf to show you so keep your eyes peeled and keep checking up on my blog for regular updates on scarf progress. 

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