Sunday, 15 January 2012

Starting the Scarf

So this morning I finally started knitting my scarf. I have chosen a grey wool which I love becuase it varies in shade of grey throughout the wool so hopefully will give a nice effect when I finish the entire scarf.

I am kind of expiermenting as I go with this project, so instead of following any sort of knitting pattern I started by casting on 50 knit stitches. I am then just knitting rows each with 50 stitches not really sure how many rows I will need so just going with the flow.

When knitting I seem to encounter the problem of getting the stitches to tight which makes it difficult to attach the next row, going to have a browse on the internet see if I can find out where I am going wrong and rectify it. In the end got distracted with some shopping and cinema today so only ended up doing three rows but at least it's a start. Im determined to have a new scarf by next christmas!
Scarf so far.....long way to go! 

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