Sunday, 22 January 2012

Poundland Storage Solutions

Lots of lovely crafters have given me advice on the best way to store all my new found craft stash and quite a few people have suggested popping to Poundland for some super inexpensive craft storage solutions.

I went in earlier and found these amazing baskets for a £1 which I think are great for storing my promarkers in for the time being. I have seen some very elaborate storage solutions which I really love but for the time being I want to be spending money on more stash and not storage.

I got a great suggestion earlier which was to put elastic bands around the different colour families so that the colours which blend together are all stored together and easy to locate so thats my job for tomorrow.


  1. Hi Becky, looks like you've been busy. Love the floor 'spread' you have going on in an earlier post! I keep my Pro Markers in coloru families, in an old toiletries bag, the sort that has separate zippe compartments, so they are all ready to go and easy to carry to classes.

    Love the hamster!

    Thanks for visiting my blog

    Debs #90 xx

  2. Hi there Becky ah can understand why you want to buy more stash rather than storage can so relate to that! I have decided to encourage you by joining on your blog! thanks for sharing, Shaz in oz.x