Thursday, 12 January 2012

Which Craft Magazine to Choose?

Since getting interested in craft, I have become a regular reader of various craft magazines. I have tried a whole range of magazines varying from quick cards to simply homemade.

I have read on a number of blogs that people haven’t always found craft magazines useful and that often they feel it is the same material and projects being re written in various different ways. I however feel that as a newbie to a craft world reading a variety of magazines has been invariably useful its fun to look at what other people are doing and is interesting to read reviews of new products.

I have got inspiration on various card designs from different paper craft magazines and learnt how to use different techniques such as quiling and decoupage. I also have marked a number of knitting and needle craft projects to try in the coming months.

The most useful magazines I have found are the more general ones which cover a huge variety of crafts ranging from gardening to crochet. Although I am not particularly interested in the gardening or baking sections I like the breadth of projects included in these types of magazines I also like the more varied articles on things such as setting up a craft business and upcycling. Of these more general magazines I have been a big fan of simply homemade and making magazine. They are both priced at 4.99 and are published monthly.

I also have enjoyed the more specific magazines such as cross stitch crazy and lets knit although they are filled with information about only one craft they are very informative and give a huge variety of articles within them.
Ever growing collection of craft magazines 

As it is January it is the time to be thinking about getting a subscription to my favourite magazines lots of them seems to be offering deals if you become a subscriber the only problem is deciding which ones to subscribe to. If any one has any suggestions on their favourite craft magazines please leave a comment and let me know.


  1. I only buy one magazine at the moment - Craft Stamper which mainly concentrates on rubber stamping - there is a free stamp with every issue too. There are lots of ideas in there from cards to more involved mixed media products. They have a blog too although it's not updated all that regularly.

    When I first began crafting, I got a lot of inspiration from the craft hours on TV - QVC and now there is also the Create and Craft channel which covers all sorts of crafts. Thesedays I get most of my inspiration from visiting blogs - there are always links to be found to challenge blogs and swap. It can be quite addictive - so many crafts, so little time!

    1. HI Sherry

      Thanks for the advice, I am definitely going to give craft stamper magazine a go sounds like a great read. I had a quick look at create and craft TV I can see many of my hours now being spent watching that :) Any suggestions for the best craft challenge and swap blogs?

      Becky x