Friday, 20 January 2012

Scarf update

So this was meant to be a quick post to update you on the progress of my scarf. Unfortunately progress has almost ground to a halt as the stitches have got so tight that it is impossible to knit the next row. I think I'm going to do a bit more reading on knitting and then start again on a whole new scarf.

Tonight I have been having a bit of a spring clean of my flat and tidied the living room, kitchen and bathroom I have been epically busy since November last year that a good sort out was long overdue. This didn't leave me much time for crafting but I managed to cram in half an hour or so of creative time before bed.
As the scarf was a complete no go I got out my promarkers. I had printed out some more digi stamps earlier in the evening which I am planning to use to make some cards, some for particular occasions but some for challenges which I am becoming addicted to. I just love making cards for the challenges but also love seeing how other people have interpreted the theme.

I love using my pro markers I find it really relaxing to just sit and colour in the different images. I mainly do animals but am trying to learn how to get skin tones correct so tonight have been working on this cute stamp of a girl with a cupcake. It's still not finished got a bit too tired to concentrate on it, am going to finish that off tomorrow.


  1. Lovely image and great colouring. :)

  2. What a shame about your knitting, I also have the same problem it gets sooo tight you can't even get the needle through the stitch, I am afraid i have no idea what advice to give other then try having a look on utube for some tutorials sometimes its easier to learn when you watch someone. But, wow, you are doing really fab with the pro-markers I have seen some crafters keep their pro-markers in the colour families using an elastic band in a tin it's easier to find the colours you need, If you have a hobby craft near you the Pro-marker packs are half price at the moment also have you seen - this is another wonderful blog and she is doing some brilliant pro-marker tutorials at the mo, Have a great weekend Lou xx